After spending over 20 years in the finance and leasing industry gaining a solid understanding of the forces at play within the market and building a solid knowledge base, the est. of 205 Financial Solutions is now able to share with you our ability to quickly identify your requirements, work with you to provide you with a solution that meets those requirements and to execute, finalise and administer your finance and leasing needs as quickly as possible. Freeing up your valuable to time to concentrate on your business.

The next few pages will introduce to you the suite of products and solutions available to you and your organization, feel free to review and contact us to discuss any of the finance and leasing solutions we can work with on herein.


  • Vendor & Reseller Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Energy Asset Funding
  • Consumer Loan Solutions
  • Mortgage Facilities

Our commercial offering covers the requirements for both vendors and resellers of business equipment, along with the requirements of our direct commercial client.

For our vendors, our past experience in working with IT vendors that consistently rank in the top 5 worldwide, or publically listed print management organizations, puts us in a position to provide you with a tailored vendor finance solution specific to your offering, environment, and product mix.

For our direct clients, we have the ability to set up any number of solutions including Master Lease/ Rental Agreements (allowing you to have a pre-approved credit amount put in place, drawdowns then completed as required), to MV finance, Chattel Mortgages, equipment finance solutions from $2,000 up, and finally, the ability to facilitate the requirement for commercial property funding.

As a vendor or a reseller, whether the solution you are providing is for a forklift, a server for a data centre, 20 x desktops or CNC machine, if you are not offering and wrapping a finance solution around your offering, you can bet your competition is leaving you behind the 8 ball from the start.

Would you rather present 20 desktops to a prospect for $40,000 and potentially find yourself in a price war with someone else, carving up your margin, dragging out the sales cycle in the end for a couple of points margin, or present the potential client with a solution that equates to $11.39 per device per week? Are you trying to sell $40,000 upfront, or a solution that allows your client to better manage their cash flow, over the useful life of the equipment at $11.39 per device per week?

With a strong history and base in vendor aligned financing solutions, we can sit down and map out a solution that provides you, your organization and your sales team with a quick efficient and effective way of incorporating a finance, leasing, or rental solution into your sales cycle, saving you time, margin, and working with you to retain a close management relationship with your new client.

  • Equipment Finance (this looks to then be a link or click through to more detail?)
    Weather you require a $2,000 printer or a $2,000,000 Master Rental Agreement (MRA), we are small enough to assist with the printer and have the experience and the relationships in place to facilitate a MRA. With access to a number of funders and any number of finance products, what is a great fit for one client, will not work for another. Allow us to discuss your finance and leasing requirements, tailoring a solution that will meet your needs all without effecting your current banking facilities and relationships in place.

  • Energy related Asset Funding
    Energy, how it is delivered, harvested, and utilised is ever changing. With this change comes growing requirements for funders to also change and adapt, providing you with the ability to fund the initial capital investment in your energy asset requirements.

  • Products Available
    Whether you are after a Chattel Mortgage, an Operating Lease, Rental, MV Finance, residential or commercial mortgage, or a Master Lease/Rental Agreement. Talk to us about reviewing your asset funding requirements, both immediate, short and long term and allow us to present a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Consumer Loans
    Not everyone is in business for themselves, self-employed and requires equipment. If you are an individual, employee and looking to fund any of the following asset types, please contact us through the details on the last tab and allow us to present to you a financing facility that will provide you with the freedom to purchase your personal use vehicle.

    Solutions for non-business, consumer clients are available on:

    Motor Vehicles
    Motor Scooters

Mortgage Management

Do you feel too puzzled in a complexity of your mortgage’s payment plan, interest rates and all these other financial tricky nuances? If that’s so, then our financial experts and Loan officers will gladly help you out!



We offer rate-and-term refinancing. Typically, you refinance your remaining balance for a lower interest rate and a term you can afford (the term is the number of years it will take to repay the loan)


Business Loans

Any businessman or a woman may very easily find oneself in a position when you need a business loan to either pay for something you didn’t see coming or to bridge the gap to invest in something you’ve wanted for a long time.


Money Loans

At some point in your life, you will need a money loan to either pay for something you didn’t see coming or to bridge the gap to get something you’ve wanted for a long time. Whichever your situation is, we’ll help!


Customer Review

With the rates being so low now, I needed to refinance my mortgage as soon as possible. Thanks to this company it all became possible in the shortest matter off time!

Arthur Arnolds