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After spending over 20 years in the finance and leasing industry gaining a solid understanding of the forces at play within the market and building a solid knowledge base, the est. of 205 Financial Solutions is now able to share with you our ability to quickly identify your requirements, work with you to provide you with a solution that meets those requirements and to execute, finalise and administer your finance and leasing needs as quickly as possible. Freeing up your valuable to time to concentrate on your business.

The next few pages will introduce to you the suite of products and solutions available to you and your organization, feel free to review and contact us to discuss any of the finance and leasing solutions we can work with on herein.


  • Vendor & Reseller Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Energy Asset Funding
  • Consumer Loan Solutions
  • Car Buying Service


Our commercial offering covers the requirements for both vendors and resellers of business equipment, along with the requirements of our direct commercial client.

For our vendors and resellers, our past experience in working with some of the most well-known names in the industry (Samsung, HP, Dell to name a few) puts us in a position to provide you with a tailored vendor finance solution specific to your offering, your environment, and your product mix.

Just a few points on why you should consider having us as your Vendor Finance Partner.

  • Some of the available data tells us that 77% of clients agreed that the availability of finance was critical in choosing their supplier. Think about for a second. Nearly 4 out of every 5 prospect was assisted in making a decision on a supplier due to finance being made available.
  • 76% also said that they evaluated finance options during the sales cycle. The provision of a finance option early, upfront, as part of the solution to secure engagement with your client and prospects should be an integral part of your sales process.
  • 34%: The average increase in the value of the final Bom (Bill of Material) when finance was introduced. Take a $10K order to $13.4K, a $100K transaction to $134,000.
  • Few customers allocate capital budgets to purchase all the equipment they need, instead they tend to under budget. The result is that they purchase less equipment than originally proposed. By using finance as a sales tool and allowing your customers to pay instalments out of operating budgets or allocating the cost over a set term or useful life of the equipment, you can often overcome this situation and successfully sell the full proposed system.

Working with us we can show you how in one vendor presentation to a prospect we broke down a vendor’s proposal to the client from a $395,000 invoice option down to….. $4.46 per unit per week. That prospect was taken from looking to have to spend nearly $400,000 down to under $4.50 per week per unit. Ask us how!


  • Clients:
    For our direct clients, we have the ability to set up any number of solutions including Master Lease/ Rental Agreements (allowing you to have a pre-approved credit amount put in place, drawdowns then completed as required), cover equipment, motor vehicles, even software. Finance facilities available include, Chattel Mortgages, rental, software finance, lease, we can work with your accountant to ensure the right facility is utilised for your specific needs.  

    Why utilise our services?

    • In certain circumstances, funding is available without the requirement for you to provide financials.
    • Utilizing a broker to facilitate your financing requirements with a third party on equipment finance frees up your borrowing capacity with your other relationships, you bank, for other non-equipment finance requirements (overdraft, business loans, commercial property for example).
    • Government Incentive: Take advantage of the $30,000 instant asset write-off. Subject to meeting a generous turnover threshold your business could finance and secure an instant tax write-off on the purchase of equipment with an invoice value of less than $30,000.
    • Credit Facility: If the business is looking to expand and has asset requirements over the next 3-6 months, we can work with you to secure an overall credit facility, a pre-approval, giving you the flexibility to drawdown against this overall limit as you need to.


  • Energy related Asset Funding
    Energy, how it is delivered, harvested, and utilised is ever changing. With this change comes growing requirements for funders to also change and adapt, providing you with the ability to fund the initial capital investment in your energy asset requirements.


  • Consumer Loans
    Not everyone is in business or self-employed. If you are an individual, employee and looking to fund any of the following asset types, please contact us through the details on the last tab and allow us to present to you a financing facility that will provide you with the freedom to purchase your personal use vehicle.   


    Solutions for non-business, consumer clients are available on:

    Motor Vehicles
    Motor Scooters